Guest on Love Your 9 to 5 Podcast

Hey guys I just wanted to share my guest appearance on the “Love Your 9 to 5” podcast. Make sure to check out the episode and subscribe. Click the image below. Also available on iTunes “Love Your 9 To 5”  Episode 5

Always Remember…Awaken The Leader Inside!-David

Episode 005 – Interview With David Rubalcava; Leadership Coach and Podcaster

We are NOW on iHeart Radio

It’s official! Our podcast “Awaken The Leader Inside” is now available on iHeart Radio!!!  Wow…pretty cool.  Our show is growing so what better platform to expand our audience than iHeart Radio?  Thank you so much for the overwhelming support.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Check it out and please leave a review and comments to help boost our ratings.  Always remember….Awaken The Leader Inside!-David Rubalcava

ATLi Project 1-Year Anniversary

Image result for thank you imagesHey guys it’s been a while since I checked in. With all the projects going on it’s getting harder to update the blog portion of my site. Let me start off by saying thank you so much for your support. This month we celebrate a full year since the conception of this project “Awaken The Leader Inside (ATLi).”  I actually purchased the website almost a year ago to the day. As you will find out in Webisode #4: Milestones, the show is growing in so many ways.

It seems like we continue hitting milestones on the show and still surprises me. From web traffic to podcast downloads it’s been amazing to watch. You continue spreading the word about the show and “our” journey to become a motivational speaker.  I’m so humbled. Pretty awesome.

I also wanted to give you an update on my surgery. The last few months I battled a difficult knee injury.  I had a small tear in my left meniscus.  On Wednesday, 8/16/2017 I had surgery to remove a portion of it. It was 2.5 months of hell (as seen in Webisode #3 and #5).  But it’s finally over and I am doing well recovering. And by doing well I mean quietly crying in pain lol.  Some nights are excruciating but over time a physical therapy I’m sure it will be fine. This caused me to slow production down on the shows for now.  Thank you for all the love and support.  My family is the best…my wife, kids, and parents (mine and my in-laws) have been amazing.  I feel so loved.  ??

Stay tuned.  I’m getting ready to be interviewed on other podcasts and have some more interviews lined up on my show over the next few weeks.  So don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my podcast RSS feed, iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher, Google Play, and my Newsletter.

“Always remember…Awaken The Leader Inside.”-David Rubalcava

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Guest On Surging Forward Podcast #52

I am so excited to be a guest on the Surging Forward Podcast.  It’s amazing to be around another leader who truly believes in leadership.  I’ve also had the pleasure of watching the Surging Forward Podcast grow from the beginning.  So being featured on it was pretty cool.  Check it out.  Make sure to subscribe to Dave Ballentine’s Surging Forward Podcast as well.

“Always remember…Awaken The Leader Inside.”-David Rubalcava

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Lisa Ford Inspired Me

I had a chance to hear Lisa Ford speak during the National Sales meeting 2017.  Her speech about Exceptional Customer Service inspired me to immediately record Podcast #19.  It truly changed the way I see customer service and challenged me to deliver more.  Thanks Lisa for your insight and making a difference and retweeting my podcast episode.

Podcast #19: Exceptional Customer Service was based on Lisa Ford’s speech at the National Sales Meeting 2017. Listen Now:

Appreciate The Support

You Made a Difference

I just wanted to take the time and say thank you for all the support.  Over the last three months, I’ve watched our website visitors grow (3k as of today) as well as our podcast listeners.  I’m still working feverishly on delivering our Webisodes as promised.  But I’d rather produce something impactful than something rushed.   I recently uploaded our podcast on YouTube as well.   So make sure to subscribe to our channel.

I look forward to the next three months and what new adventures it will bring.  We are on this journey together.  So don’t forget to share your comments, I’m always looking for feedback.  I’d rather have podcasts based on your questions then some boring topics.  Lol.  So reach out to me via email or comments, and hopefully, I can share them in our podcast or webisodes.  Every day you make a difference!  And always remember…awaken the leader inside.

Your leader,

David Rubalcava


4 Reasons Helping Others Changes Your Career

Your supervisor walks by your desk and casually says, “I need you to help Joe’s department catch up. They are falling behind on their portion of the project. I appreciate it.” As your supervisor walks away, you realize how far behind you are as well. For a split second, you contemplate storming his office to vent and complain about your situation. Doesn’t he know your plate is full? Or how you worked six days the last few weeks trying to catch up on your project?

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5 Reasons Why a Leadership Role Passes You By…Bye…Bye

Written by: David Rubalcava

What do you mean I didn’t get the job?  I’ve been with the company for years, and I deserve a leadership role!  Most leaders experience this at some point in their career.  The feeling of being passed up on the promotion ladder hurts.  It’s often discouraging, demoralizing, and frustrating.  Finding out what happened may never materialize with your boss.  We are left wondering why the other candidate got the job.  That’s why becoming extremely objective about your performance is critical for growth. Understanding what’s holding you back is the foundation for initiating change in your career.   Build success based on learning from past failures and applying them to future decisions.  If you find yourself exhibiting any of behavior below, you may have closed your own doors.  But like all doors, they can be opened if you have the key!

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The 7-Values of Leadership

These are David’s 7-Values of Leadership.  Established through years of experience with different organizations, he created a unique blend of values designed to develop high-performance leaders. Download PDF

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