Guest On Surging Forward Podcast #52

I am so excited to be a guest on the Surging Forward Podcast.  It’s amazing to be around another leader who truly believes in leadership.  I’ve also had the pleasure of watching the Surging Forward Podcast grow from the beginning.  So being featured on it was pretty cool.  Check it out.  Make sure to subscribe to Dave Ballentine’s Surging Forward Podcast as well.

“Always remember…Awaken The Leader Inside.”-David Rubalcava

Dave Ballentine Bio:

My name is David Ballentine. My background is in the Electrical Field and since working with all types of people and different companies I have learned that many people in today’s world have lost their dreams or have given up on their short or even long term goals. Despite all the issues out in the world today, high unemployment, overseas conflicts, personal tragedies, loss of business, economic uncertainty, and many other issues to long to list, there is still hope and there is still a way to overcome. That is what this site can help you achieve.

David Rubalcava

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