(S2E46) Re-Introduction of The 7-Values of Leadership

In this episode David re-introduction of “The 7 Values of Leadership.”  Throughout his career David used the Values to help him identify which part of his leadership is failing him.  He took a blend of values from all the organizations he worked with over the last 18 years and identified the most critical.  David breaks down each of the values and explains their purpose.  Their purpose is to look at your performance through a reflective lens.  Success or failure can be contributed to these values.  When we fail the values can help you think about which part of your leadership failed.  Is it because you were not “accountable” or being “results-driven?”  It gives you a starting point to rebuild your leadership.  Make sure to click the link and view “The 7-Values of Leadership”.  Which two are your strengths?  Which two are your opportunities? Share on our Facebook Group.

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(S1E31) Watch Them Grow

David shares a personal observation of his own team.  He has watched them grow throughout the last year but today was different.  Today he witnessed the evolution of his team becoming an “All-Star” team.  David shares recognizing he begins to recognize his need to step out and allow them to shine.  He saw his team ability to use their empowerment to make critical decisions.  We often fear our teams will fail if we are not involved with decision making.  But as we grow it becomes clear we need to allow our teams to grow.

***Special thank you to my amazing leaders: Amin, Dayana, Brett, Thalia, and Andrew.  You prove every day…Leadership is a choice!

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(S1E18) Effort Vs. Execution

David shares the difference between “effort” and “execution.”  Although many of us believe effort is important, at the end of the day what matters is execution.  We must learn to be transparent about why we fail at delivering results.  David uses the analogy of a baseball player struggling to hit a fastball but refuses to work at getting better.  Once we come to terms with our shortcomings we can sharpen our focus on changing the results

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This podcast discusses 3 of the 7-Values of Leadership:
Demonstrate Courage: Transparency
Communication Effectively: Fostering Self Discovery
Results Driven: Delivering Results

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(S1E13) Communicate Effectively

Communication is the most powerful tool in your leadership arsenal.  Listen as David shares his learnings about communication.  He explains just because we deliver a message doesn’t mean the team will interpret accurately.

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