Season 1: Effort Vs. Execution (#18)

David shares the difference between “effort” and “execution.”  Although many of us believe effort is important, at the end of the day what matters is execution.  We must learn to be transparent about why we fail at delivering results.  David uses the analogy of a baseball player struggling to hit a fastball but refuses to work at getting better.  Once we come to terms with our shortcomings we can sharpen our focus on changing the results

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This podcast discusses 3 of the 7-Values of Leadership:
Demonstrate Courage: Transparency
Communication Effectively: Fostering Self Discovery
Results Driven: Delivering Results


Season 1: Results Driven (#16)

David talks about becoming “Results Driven.”  It’s the final value needed to complete the 7 Values of Leadership.  Become a strategic planner and learn to navigate the “playing field.”  Special thanks to David Ballentine of Surging Forward Podcast for all the continued support.

Season 1: 7 Values of Leadership(#8)


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The 7 Values of Leadership

These are David’s 7-Values of Leadership.  Established through years of experience with different organizations, he created a unique blend of values designed to develop high-performance leaders. Download PDF

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