Season 1: Is Passion Needed? (#22)

Do we need Passion to be a successful Leader? Dave Ballentine, from the Surging Forward Podcast, joins the discussion on todays podcast. Dave Ballentine shares his journey in leadership. From starting successful business to those which failed. He also shares those mentors who impacted his career and leadership.

Dave Ballentine is Teaching and helping Tradesman excel in their career. Providing code update courses leadership courses and showing you how to keep Surging Forward!

Always Remember…Awaken The Leader Inside-David Rubalcava

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Season 1: Exceptional Customer Service (#19)

David shares his experience watching Motivational speaker Lisa Ford deliver an amazing speech about Exceptional Customer Service. Are you committed to delivering exceptional service? David shares how Lisa talks about Starbucks model and turning customer service into an experience. Recorded on location at the Arizona Grand Hotel during a National Sales Meeting.

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“Always remember…Awaken The Leader Inside!”-David

Season 1: Effort Vs. Execution (#18)

David shares the difference between “effort” and “execution.”  Although many of us believe effort is important, at the end of the day what matters is execution.  We must learn to be transparent about why we fail at delivering results.  David uses the analogy of a baseball player struggling to hit a fastball but refuses to work at getting better.  Once we come to terms with our shortcomings we can sharpen our focus on changing the results

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This podcast discusses 3 of the 7-Values of Leadership:
Demonstrate Courage: Transparency
Communication Effectively: Fostering Self Discovery
Results Driven: Delivering Results


Season 1: Will Set (#17)

David share’s real world experience while managing two different stores struggling with “will set.” He also discovers how each environment needed a different leadership value to overcome their challenges. It’s a deeper look at how the 7-Values of Leadership are used to analyze team dynamics and improve performance. David identifies “Accountability” and “Team Orientated” are the root cause.

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The 7-Values of Leadership: Accountability, Rigor, Demonstrate Courage, Communicate Effectively, Team Orientated, Customer Focused, and Results Driven.


Season 1:Communicate Effectively(#13)

Communication is the most powerful tool in your leadership arsenal.  Listen as David shares his learnings about communication.  He explains just because we deliver a message doesn’t mean the team will interpret accurately.

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