Season 1: Being Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable (#26)

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In this episode David follows up with your progress from Episode #24 Back To Basics.  He shares his own personal discoveries after returning to work after 6 weeks (post knee surgery).  David discusses the need to become comfortable feeling uncomfortable while pursuing your goals.  He offers personal advice as he faces the same challenges.

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Season 1: Motivation Pt.4-Take The Leap (#25)

David shares a powerful memo recorded in Webisode #4. So powerful he believed it needed to be shared in his motivational series. Sometimes in life we must find the courage to take the leap. A powerful motivation speech.

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Season 1: Back to Leadership Basics (#24)

This episode is dedicated to those who wish to become leaders or currently struggling with direction in their career. David discuss “Getting back to basics” follow three steps: Be Objective, Find a mentor, and create opportunities for oneself. This episode will help your focus over the next 30 days on achievable steps to help you find the path.
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