The 7-Values of Leadership

These are David’s 7-Values of Leadership.  Established through years of experience with different organizations, he created a unique blend of values designed to develop high-performance leaders. Download PDF

Why are values so important?  Within each of us are values we are naturally talented in, while others are areas of opportunity.  Knowing your strengths and opportunities is the first step in leadership development.  Self-awareness of those values gives one a foundation to build on.

We have a natural tendency to use the values we are most gifted.  Some leaders are exceptional with Communicating Effectively while others Demonstrate Courage.  But we must actively work on values which are opportunities.  Effective leaders are well-balanced and actively focus on improving areas of opportunity.  Harnessing effort on values which need improvement is uncomfortable but necessary.  Leadership is about growing.  So prepare for some growing pains.

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